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Networking & Alliances

ACD coordinates various networks and alliances to implement and organize different activities and to undertake policy advocacy initiatives. It uses micro level experiences for macro level policy reform advocacy. ACD has successfully involved different stakeholders and brought them together behind the different campaign and advocacy issues. ACD is involved with the following networks and alliances:

Linkages with Government:

1) District Acid Control Committee

2) Counter Trafficking Committee (district, sub-district and union level)

3) District Legal Aid Committee

4) Tobacco Control Task force Committee

5) District Information Communication Technology (ICT) Committee

6) District Shishu Bikash Kendra

7) Divisional Child Labor Welfare Committee

8) Standing Committee on Violence against Women and Children

9) District Advisory Committee of Right to Information (RTI) Act

10) District Disaster Committee

11) Child Welfare Board

12) Nari Nirjaton Nirodh (Violence against Women Prevention) Committee

13) Department of Social Welfare for the support to victim of juvenile

14) District Thematic Committee

ACD is member of the following organizations:
Name of organization Brief of the organization Nature of cooperation status with ACD
One Stop Crisis Centre (OCC)

OCC provides comprehensive care to survivors of domestic violence, burn and sexual assault. It is a multi sectoral program under Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

ACD’s Counselor  provides counseling to the violence affected women and girls who come to the OCC of Rajshahi Medical College Hospital.
Victim Support Centre (VSC)

VSC is governed by the Ministry of Home Affairs through the Bangladesh Police. The role of VSC is to comfort and assist victims in the aftermath of the crime from which they have suffered, to advise them of the remedial processes and to guide them through the ensuing prosecution of the person accused of the crime.

Victims are referred to ACD’s shelter home for institutional care and support.
National Tobacco Control Cell

Functional arm of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for tobacco control activities in Bangladesh.

ACD works for tobacco control movement.
GO-NGO Coordination Committee on Combating Women and Child Trafficking Task Force Committee government by Ministry of Home Affairs on Protection of Trafficking of Women and Children. ACD works on National Plan of Action on Trafficking in Persons and for protection, prosecution, rescue, anticipation, repatriation and integration of victims.

National links and network:

Name of organization Brief of the organization Nature of cooperation status of ACD
Action against Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children (ATSEC), Bangladesh

Prevention of trafficking in children and women and their sexual exploitation.

Disadvantaged Adolescents Working  NGOs  Forum Empowering and protecting adolescents. Member
Election Working Group

Free and fair elections and good governance in Bangladesh.

Campaign for Popular Education

Popular education movement in Bangladesh.

Affiliate member
Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum

Working for child rights in Bangladesh.

Member of General Body
Bangladesh Anti Tobacco Alliance

Reduction in tobacco use, tobacco control agenda and working together for strong law, policy, and public awareness.

Bangladesh Girls Power Alliance Elimination of gender-based violence against girls and young women. Member
Child Rights Governance Assembly (CRGA)

Children, Youth and adults equally and actively contribute within a unified civil society platform to the promotion of child rights through a more responsive and child friendly governance system at all levels.

Tamak Birodhi Nari Jote (TABINAJ)

Anti-tobacco alliance of women in Bangladesh which has taken up anti-tobacco campaign to save women, men and children from the hazards of tobacco.

Shamajik Protirodh Committee Ensuring women’s human rights. Member
Engage Men & Boys-promoting gender justice

Engage men and boys to promote human values and positive practices to change attitude and behavior to end gender based violence/ violence against women in order to ensure gender justice.

General Member
Shishu Shurokkhay Amra Breaking the vicious cycle: protecting children from sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking. Member
National Action and Coordinating Group against Violence against Children (NACG)

NACG has been established in each South Asia Country and linkages are developed to the regional South Asia Coordinating Group on Action against Violence against Women and Children and the apex body of SAARC. The purpose is to strengthen inter-agency work including with governments and children groups to end violence against women and children. The networks works issue based action (child marriage, trafficking, sexual abuse and exploitation, corporal punishment and child labour).

Executive Member
Credit development Forum Creating and maintaining an enabling environment for microfinance for its fight against poverty. Member
National Alliance for Migrants’ Rights Migrants’ Rights Member

International links and network:

Name of organization Brief of the organization Nature of cooperation status of ACD
Migrant Forum in Asia

Protect and promote the rights and welfare of migrant workers.

ECPAT International Global social movement for protection of children from sexual exploitation (CSEC). Affiliate Group Member
International POPs Elimination Network Environmental and public health issues to take action to minimize and eliminate hazardous, toxic chemicals. Member
Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR) Improve the lives of people affected by disasters world-wide. Member
Cross Border Anti Trafficking Network Promoting safe migration and annihilation of human trafficking in the region along the Indo-Nepal border. Member
Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW) Promote and defend the human rights of all migrants and their families against the threat of an increasingly globalised labour market and calls for safety standards for migrant workers in the process of migration and in the formal and informal work sectors. Member