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Staff Information


Total no of staff Total: 247 Male:120 Female: 127
No of core staff Total:  8 Male: 6 Female: 2
No of project/ contract staff Total:  239 Male: 114 Female: 125
Total women in senior management team 2
Total women in management 2


Number of Staff in Finance, Administration & Audit


Total no of staff Total: 18 Male:17 Female:1
No of core staff Total: 2 Male: 2 Female: 0
No of project/ contract staff Total: 16 Male: 15 Female: 1



Senior Management Team


Total staff: 7 (male-5, female-2). The management staffs’ information is given in the following table:



SL# Name Designation
1 Salima Sarwar Executive Director
2 Pangkaj Karmaker Director Finance
3 Sharmin Subrina Director Program
4 Rabiul Islam Program Manager
5 Ehsanul Amin Team Leader- Advocacy, Lobbying and Networking Unit
6 Monirul Islam Team Leader-Child Protection Unit
7 Mostafizur Rahman Project Coordinator