| Governance System
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Governance System

ACD’s governance is conducted by General Body and Executive Committee members with the help of Constitution. The General Body is the highest body consisting of 25 members (11 female and 14 male). The Executive Committee consists of 9 members (5 female and 4 male) and elected by General Body. The Executive Committee formulates the strategic directions and principles of the organization and the Executive Director conducts the overall management and representation of the organization.



Name and Designation of members of the executive committee:


SL# Name Designation Educational Qualification Profession
1. Professor Dr. Chowdhury Sarwar Jahan President Masters in Science, PhD Teaching
2. Mrs. Jebun Nesa Vice President Masters in Arts Service
3. Salima Sarwar Member Secretary Masters in Arts Social Work
4. Mrs. Bijli Rani Sarker Treasurer Secondary School Certificate Social Work
5. Mr Mozahar Hosen Executive Member Bachelor of Science -Engineer (Civil) Social Work
6. Shree Syamapada Sanyal Executive Member Bachelor of Arts Teaching
7. Mrs Hosne Ara Hena Executive Member Bachelor of Arts Social Work
8. Mr Anwar Hosen Executive Member Higher School Certificate Social Work
9. Mrs. Kajal Rekha Executive Member Secondary School Certificate Social Work