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About Us

ACD at a glance

ACD, a non government organization has been implementing its programs by an integrated approach in view of establishing the rights of the grassroots women and children and promotion of social justice through developing community care support mechanisms. ACD has evolved as a pioneering organization to holistically address the issue of trafficking in persons, particularly for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation and addresses gender injustice and violence against women and children.


Year of Establishment: 1989


Vision: An equity-based democratic and sustainable society which provides human rights, mainstream gender equality, ensure social justice, good governance and sustainable development.


Goal: To achieve the rights of people, especially the disadvantaged and vulnerable women, adolescent and children at grassroots levels through improving their socio-economic, political and cultural status, ensuring social justice and good governance.



  • Establish the rights of grassroots people through community support mechanism
  • Build and strengthen capacity of the community based organisations at village level
  • Organize local cultural organization for human rights education through cultural performance
  • Ensure access to social justice for rural women especially ethnic minorities
  • Develop institutional capacity in establishing good governance and accountability of local government
  • Strengthen advocacy and campaign against human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of children/prostitution and prevention of STD/HIV/AIDS
  • Provide psychosocial care and support to violence victim women and children through institutional care and support
  • Mobilization and awareness with communities in creation of community safety net
  • Promote community management to initiate economic, social and cultural activities for sustainable development


Legal Status:

  • NGO Affairs Bureau Registration No. 415 dated 02.12.1990
  • Department of Social Services, Vide No. Rajsa-348 dated 26.12.1989
  • Societies Act 1860, No. S-3462 (251)/2003 dated 04.12.2003
  • Micro-Credit Regulatory Authority, Bangladesh Bank, No. 00540-01723-00227 dated 04.2008


Thematic Areas:  Human Rights, Good Governance & Sustainable Development


Sectoral Approach:  Human Rights Sector, Child Rights Sector and Sustainable Development Sector


Major Focus Programme Areas
  • Gender and social justice
  • Women’s empowerment and participation
  • Strengthening community based organizations to develop community movement to combat violence against women
  • Protection, care and support for the victims of abuse, exploitation, trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of children
  • Rescue, prosecution, repatriation and rehabilitation of trafficked victims
  • Education for all
  • Like skill and capacity building
  • Working together with men and boys to combat gender based violence
  • Promotion of youth friendly health services
  • Income generating initiatives for rural women and adolescents
  • Advocacy, lobbying and networking
  • Sustainable development




Preventive Measures
  • Policy advocacy, education and awareness raising
  • Socialization Centre
  • Non-formal education, formal education and popular education
  • Theatre for Development
  • Issue based capacity building training, and life skill based education
  • Women micro entrepreneurship development, livelihood opportunities, and utilization of local resources


Recovery and Social Integration
  • Rescue (release and referral), anticipation and repatriation
  • Safe shelter (Drop-in-Centre and Shelter Home)
  • Psychosocial counselling, life skill education, and skill development
  • Investigation, legal aid support, family integration, and follow-up
  • Advocacy, lobbying and networking
Institutional Capacity Building and Management
  • Organizational capacity building and management
  • Capacity building of Community Based Organizations
  • Capacity building of service providers and rights holders