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Eliminating child marriage is complex because economic and social circumstances of individual households create situations which go against national policies to promote and protect the rights ofthe girl child.



Reduce Tobacco

Bangladesh with about 40% people living below poverty line and more than 25% being extreme poor is one of the five most vulnerable countries in terms of tobacco use. GATS 2010 Data represents that 41.3 million people have used tobacco both smoking and smokeless form (male 58%; female 28.7%). It is observed among 151 countries that at the adolescent stage, the number of smokers have been increased among boys and girls. Boy’s rate is 12% and amongst the girl, it is 7%. According to Bangladesh Town Health Survey, the one third adolescents in towns and one fifth adolescents in cities start smoking during the age between 15-19 years.  Bangladesh Government has taken many strong initiatives to reduce tobacco use and thereby reducing its effect on health, environment, poverty and improving the economy.


Domestic Violence Against Women

Domestic violence against women is the major social problems which is common across the country, especially on the northern region of Bangladesh. Patriarchy is old aged and deep-rooted from the cultural context and causes gender based violence in all spheres of community. Domestic violence severely affects the women such as doing  conflict in family, and in laws side pressures for dowry demand from women, women are tortured and divorced if she responses against their wills and demand. ACD’s programming aspect to combat gender based violence and domestic violence mainly aims to promote gender and social justice for marginalized and downtrodden segment of population. ACD has developed member of women circle through awareness building training for reducing the social dimension of poverty which includes legal literacy and training programs that assist women in productive activity.


ACD works through three approaches:


Human Rights Sector

Child Rights Sector

Sustainable Development Sector


ACD programs are being implemented with a view to uplift the target audience economically and socially that includes economic empowerment having particular focus to income generating activities, savings generation, creating entrepreneurs, social justice and change.